Pink Door offers exit assistance, which links a safe residential space with targeted, specific courses for integration and vocational preparation. These offers are especially for women and children who do not receive government assistance.

The program is divided into three phases, each taking into consideration the personal objectives of the participant. The course plan is individually adapted to the wishes and needs of each participant and is compatible with professional activity as well as further education measures. Those affected receive the opportunity to discover their own potential and to be strengthened in their own identity.


    • Accommodation in the Pink Door Residence with anonymous address (max five women and their children)
    • Self-provision by the participants 
    • Psycho-social counseling and accompaniment
    • Low-threshold, needs-based courses (eg language acquisition, general education, life skills, job readiness)
    • Placement in internships, mini-jobs, training etc.


• Accommodation in shared apartments or own apartment (after approx. nine    to twelve months)
• Psycho-social counseling
• Ambulatory accompaniment
• Support during internships, further education, transition into work life
• Advanced classes in Pink Door’s education center or in other educational    institutions


• Accommodation in a private apartment
• Advice and support as needed for professional and personal stabilization
• Follow-up
• Invitation to regular events
• If desired, participation in individual course offerings possible