Pink Door Berlin

Valued. Restored. Empowered.

Pink Door is a faith-based not-for-profit organization that provides a long-term recovery program for women transitioning out of prostitution, sexual enslavement or sexual exploitation. We value personal empowerment, restoration, advocacy, and connections to significant support.

The various Pink Door recovery program phases include increased levels of independence factored into each phase:

Women begin by exiting sexual exploitation and move into our transition housing. In this supportive context, participants become stabilized and develop basic living skills. This unique house encourages independent living in a roommate environment. Each participant has their own bedroom and can come and go from the house freely, while respecting house rules and curfews. A house director lives in the home and provides supervision and direction, as the home is intended to be a place of healing for those committed to recovery. This phase of programming lasts up to one year.

Starting from the date of entry into the housing program, participants join the Phase I Recovery Program and attend weekday classes in our Day School. During Phase I of their programming, the main focus will be on the recovery curriculum. The objectives of the program are for the participants to be equipped to:

  • Deal with their past issues of abuse
  • Deal with any current addiction issues
  • Learn to engage in healthy relationships
  • Learn to deal with their emotions in a healthy, functioning manner
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Learn the skills to move forward with positive action in their lives
  • Increase their level of self-esteem
  • Learn to parent in a positive manner, breaking the cycle of abuse in the lives of their children
  • Increase their level of education
  • Job readiness and procural of a small job

This is accomplished through the delivery of the recovery curriculum in short, interactive classes and recreational and educational outings. This phase generally lasts 9 months to 1 year.

Advanced Programming is the portion of the program that occurs once the main recovery programming curriculum is completed by participants. At this level, programming generally lasts up to 18 months and the focus is on hard skill development. Participants will work on individualized learning plans that incorporate advanced employment preparation through job training programs, financial management, leadership skills and establishing healthy connections in the community at large to ease transition from the program. The end goal of Advanced Programming is that participants will be equipped to begin a new career and transition off of social assistance. While in Advanced Programming, participants will leave transition housing and will be assisted in finding independent housing.

In this phase, participants move out of transitional housing and into an apartment of their own in the community. While in this phase, participants will receive support from a one-on-one worker to address transition concerns and will continue to attend the Phase II Advanced Programming.

At this level of programming, participants are employed full time in the community or have returned to school or vocational training.

The Follow-care program is provided to all participants who have graduated from the program and provides the follow-up and care they need to be successful in the community at large. Invitations to events are extended, one-on-one care is provided and opportunities to lead classes and/or sponsor new program participants are created. The Follow-care program is ongoing for as long as the participant is in need of extended support.