Valued.  Restored.  Empowered.

Pink Door is a not-for-profit organization that provides a long-term recovery and integration
program for women (and their children) exiting prostitution or fleeing forced sexual exploitation.

Services Offered

Pink Door’s long-term recovery program consists of three main areas: residential services, individualized
recovery and life skills courses, and psychosocial consultation. Participants live in the Pink Door residence
and participate in the internal integration program.

The course offerings * are oriented to the individual needs of the participants and can be combined with an
apprenticeship, job or further education. A social worker accompanies them through psychosocial counseling
which supports the individual needs and wishes of the participant.

* for example: finances, dealing with fears, communication, job-readiness, art and music therapy, fitness, etc.

Who is Pink Door for?

Pink Door supports any woman (and her children) needing assistance in her exit from prostitution / forced
sexual exploitation. Neither a current place of residence nor the ability to immediately finance herself are
criteria for admission into our program.

We offer the following services:

  • Emotional stabilization
  • (Re-)discovery of gifts, talents and abilities
  • Language acquisition
  • Apartment search
  • Orientation towards further education or job search
  • Stabilization of physical health
  • Referral to professionals in the community (health professionals, debt counselors, therapists,
    educational institutions, etc.)


Our program is modeled after the international organization, Servants Anonymous Foundation. There are three
recovery and integration program phases, which include increased levels of independence factored into each phase. 


  • Accommodation in the Pink Door Residence with an anonymous residential address (maximum of five
    women and their children)
  • Self-provision by the participants
  • Psycho-social counseling and accompaniment
  • Low-threshold, needs-based courses (e.g., language acquisition, general education, life-skills, job readiness)
  • Placement in internships, mini-jobs, further education, etc.

In this phase, a social worker accompanies the participant through her individualized program. The participant is
referred to other specialized agencies or organizations when needed as she makes steps toward the goals she has
set for her future. She also has the opportunity to attend life skills classes in Pink Door’s education center. In this
phase, job readiness classes are also available to prepare her for getting a small job or an internship, or guidance
if she desires to enter further education institutions in Berlin. 

Residential Services

The Pink Door Residence provides a safe, supportive atmosphere for participants to stabilize and develop basic life
skills. Each participant has her own bedroom and can come and go freely, while respecting boundaries and curfews.
Residence staff provide guidance and oversight for the participants when needed. The residence is intended to be a
place of healing for those committed to recovery and integration into German life.


  • Accommodation in shared flat or own apartment  (after approx. 9-12 months
  • Psycho-social counseling
  • Ambulatory accompaniment
  • Support during internship(s), further training, acquired work
  • Advanced classes in Pink Door’s education center or in other educational institutions

In accordance with the participant’s wishes, and with the recommendation from her social worker, she moves
out of the Pink Door Residence and into an independent living situation. Pink Door’s social worker continues to
assist with her needs and the classes in the education center focus more intensely on job integration and/or
further education.


  • Accommodation in private apartment
  • Advice and support as needed for professional and personal stabilization
  • Follow-up 
  • Invitation to regular events
  • If desired, participation in individual course offerings possible

The participant is fully integrated into German life and the job market. She is living a self sustaining life.
Pink Door is available when the participant expresses her need for assistance.


Depending upon the wishes of the participant, Pink Door may stay in contact with her and provide support
when desired.



Office Number: +49 157 53 73 09 86

Emergency Number: +49 157 53 33 35 15